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This is a Glock 26 Replica model from WE Tech, the pistol slide was made of metal with a metal made outer barrel. The total weight of this pistol is about 775g and the total length of this pistol is 160mm. WE G26 GBB Pistol is a gas blow back model, firing mode in semi auto. The magazine can carry 15rounds bb per clip, and shooting power at 280FPS with 0.2g bb.

There is no marking on this pistol model, there is a tactical rail on the frame for the flashlight/laser attachment, nylon polymer pistol frame is one-piece construction. This pistol featured an integrated trigger safety. Please refer to the following section to know more feature about this model.

Product Brand: WE Product Code:
Hop Up: Weight:
Lenght: Capacity:
Power: Power Source: Green Gas / Top Gas
Blow Back: Yes Shoot Mode: Semi Auto


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